Table 2.

Factors That Influence Development and Behavior Among Children With Chronic Health Conditions

Illness or condition (other than specific diagnosis)Severity (physiologic or sensory impact)
Age of onset
Interference with age-appropriate activities
Expected survival
Course (stable versus progressive)
Certainty (predictable versus uncertain)
Impact on mobility
Impact on cognition and communication
Intelligence and communication skills
Coping skills and patterns
FamilyFamily functioning
Parental mental health
Household structure (number of adults and children)
Socioeconomic status
SocialCultural attitudes
Access to health care
Community resources
School and day care systems
  • Reprinted with permission from Thyen U, Perrin JM. Chronic health conditions. In: Carey WB, Crocker A, Coleman WL, Elias ER, Feldman HM, eds. Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics. 4th ed. Philadelphia, PA: W.B. Saunders Company; 2009, p. 346.