Table 2.

Commonly Asked Questions

1. Who fills out the forms?
Parents fill out CBCL, youths fill out YSR, teachers fill out TRF, caregivers and preschool teachers fill out C-TRF
2. Who scores the forms?
Clerical worker, receptionist, nurse, or physician assistant
3. How long does it take to score a form?
2 minutes by computer; 5 to 12 minutes by hand
4. What does the physician get?
A profile that compares the child with a normative sample of peers on each syndrome (eg, aggressive behavior, attention problems, somatic complaints) plus scores on each specific problem
5. How long does it take the physician to evaluate a profile?
1 to 2 minutes
6. How much do forms cost?
• 40¢ per CBCL, YSR, and TRF ($10 per package of 25)
• 40¢ per hand-scored profile ($10 per package of 25; not needed if scoring software is used)
7. What software is available?
• DOS software is available for scoring all forms
• Windows®95/98/NT software was released in 1999
8. Are there faster ways to process the data in busy practices?
• Scannable “bubble” forms of the CBCL/4–18, YSR, and TRF can be processed by reflective-read scanners, image scanners, and fax
• A client-entry program enables parents and youths to enter their responses into a computer
9. Have these forms been well researched?
A Bibliography of Published Studies(3) lists more than 3,500 reports of findings obtained with the CBCL and related forms
10. Where can ordering information be obtained?
Child Behavior Checklist
University Medical Education Associates
1 South Prospect St.
Burlington, VT 05401-3456
Fax: 802-656-2602; Tel: 802-656-8313
E-mail:; Web: